Neil Kelso is a writer, performer, and consultant dedicated to the art of magic.

As a theatre-maker, he is the co-founder of The House of Q Cabaret and Theatre Company, and a Resident Artist at Theatre Delicatessen. For more information about Neil Kelso's Theatre and Cabaret shows, click here: Shows

When not performing in Theatre, Cabaret and Circus, Neil Kelso is a published author of Magic and Esoteric books and cards, and also works as a consultant on STEM Education, Marketing Innovation, and Immersive Entertainment. For more information about Neil Kelso's writing and published collaborations, click here: Books

Trained in juggling under Arcadii Poupon at L'Ecole De Cirque De Bruxelles, Neil Kelso is also a competition winning classical concert pianist, an expert marksman, and he holds BSc(Hons) from University of Bath in International Management and French.  He is a member of Equity, The Magic Circle, and Mensa. 


Neil Kelso is based in London (UK) and works internationally, and is never far from a good cup of tea.


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