Great art. 
Great science.
Great business.

"Neil Kelso displayed considerable skill and performed several beautiful tricks but his mastery was in leading the audience deeper into the magic and the mystery until we were fully immersed and grinning ear to ear. He has an incredible stage presence, something like a cross between a bumbling Disney narrator and a Tim Burton character, giggling and shrugging and slurring throughout... with beautiful storytelling to take the audience back to a place most of us have not visited since we were six or seven. The show is wondrous. Five stars."

- Broadway Baby

Neil Kelso is a writer, performer and consultant dedicated to the art of magic.  He is the co-founder of The House of Q Cabaret and Theatre Company, and a Resident Artist at Theatre Delicatessen.

Using illusion, music, technology, interaction and storytelling he creates cabarets, theatre shows, immersive supper clubs, books, and even augmented reality fortune-telling cards.  His work invites audiences to step outside of their current reality and to rediscover themselves.

As a teacher, Neil works one-to-one with performers and entrepreneurs, and leads masterclasses and interactive workshops for businesses, artists, STEM communicators and creatives from all industries.

Neil holds BSc(Hons) from University of Bath in International Management and French, is a competition winning classical concert pianist, and trained in juggling under Arcadii Poupon at L'Ecole De Cirque De Bruxelles.  He is a member of The Magic Circle and Mensa.  He regularly performs and teaches in London and internationally, and he has written well-received books about magic and creative processes. 

Artists Statement

"What if ...?" I believe that great art, great business, and great science, all begin with that question.


By going to the very edge of what we believe to be possible and gazing out, we grow.  Exploring "the impossible" through words, experiences and interactions is entertaining, inspiring, challenging, and transformative.

Collaboration and Inclusivity is at the heart of everything I do, because I am fascinated by the spaces that connect and separate us all, and what we can build in those spaces - stories, interactions, music, products, conversations, technology, and art.

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