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I like to explore the mysterious unknown shadowy places between ideas and worlds.

Join me.

Neil Kelso is a London-based writer, performer, director, and consultant.

A uniquely multi-disciplinary artist and collaborator, Neil Kelso specialises in the magical intersection between many worlds including Music, Theatre, Influence, Innovation, and Communication.

Projects include Theatre Shows, Cabarets, Corporate and Private Events, Published Books, and Consultancy Work.

On Stage

Neil Kelso is an award-winning Pianist, a member of The Magic Circle, and an internationally respected cabaret performer, stage actor, event facilitator, and more.


His work frequently explores magic, wonder, esoterica, the unexplained, superhuman potential, and the places where reality and illusion collide. Find out more by visiting the SHOWS and BOOKS pages.

Behind the Scenes

As a writer, consultant, director and designer, Neil Kelso collaborates with performers, corporations, dance companies, theatre producers, scientists, artists, and communicators to champion positive messages, amplify important voices, and celebrate talent.

Collaborations frequently focus on the role of story and building shared rich understandings of the world around us. As well as artistic projects, this work also encompasses skills-sharing, education, and coaching.

If you would like to book, or work with Neil Kelso, reach out via the CONTACT page.


Originally trained in juggling under Arcadii Poupon at L'Ecole De Cirque De Bruxelles, Neil Kelso is a competition-winning classical Concert Pianist, an experienced Musical Director, and an award-winning Accompanist. He is also an expert Marksman, and an experienced Sailor. He holds BSc(Hons) from University of Bath in International Management and French.  He is a member of Equity, The Magic Circle, and Mensa. 


Neil Kelso is a Co-Founder of The House of Q Cabaret and Theatre Company, the Artistic Director of Berith and Brimstone Innovation Centre, and a Resident Artist at Theatre Delicatessen.

He divides his time between London and Paris.


For the most up-to-date news about Neil Kelso's projects, follow on social media, or sign up for the mailing list below.

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