I am a Magician.

I like to explore the mysterious unknown shadowy places.

It can be fun to entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it.

Join me.

Neil Kelso has dedicated himself to the exploration of magic, wonder, esoterica, and the places where reality and illusion collide.

As a Tarot Reader and Theatre Maker, Neil Kelso's work explores the role of story in understanding the world, and how we can read and write our own futures. Neil Kelso is a published author of books on Stage Magic and Tarot, and is regularly booked to speak at conferences for Tarot and Magic. To book a Tarot reading, click here: Tarot

As a theatre-maker, he is the co-founder of The House of Q Cabaret and Theatre Company, and a Resident Artist at Theatre Delicatessen. For more information about Neil Kelso's Theatre and Cabaret shows, click here: Shows

As a multi-disciplinary performer and collaborator, Neil Kelso trained in juggling under Arcadii Poupon at L'Ecole De Cirque De Bruxelles, and is a competition-winning classical concert pianist, an expert marksman, and he holds BSc(Hons) from University of Bath in International Management and French.  He is a member of Equity, The Magic Circle, and Mensa. 


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