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Neil Kelso is equal parts writer, performer, actor, musician, compere, director, comedian, inventor, consultant, facilitator, hypnotist, muse, collaborator, clown, and improviser.

Below is a collection of theatre shows that involve Neil Kelso in some way. 

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When Neil Kelso plays the piano, strange things happen. 


In this innovative magic show, you won't believe your eyes or ears as magician and competition-wining concert pianist Neil Kelso unravels the mysterious.

Everything is vibrations. Mind-reading, teleportation, Mozart, aliens, key-changes, quantum entanglement, poltergeists, and more are explored through live music.

The Herald said "Definitely try to get seats for Sounds Impossible - Neil Kelso is a member of The Magic Circle and a remarkable pianist who explores outstanding magic thru the medium of all forms of music. One of the best shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe 2022" and was awarded 5* Mervyn Stutter's "Pick of the Fringe 2022"

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Dogs of Europe

Based on a novel by Alhierd Bacharevic – now banned in Belarus - Dogs of Europe is an epic fantasy and political thriller about the dangers of looking away when authoritarianism takes root.


From one of the world’s bravest theatre companies comes a visceral, psychological drama set in the near future, depicting a dystopian super-state in which individual rights have given way to control. 

Exiled from their native country, the co-founders of Belarus Free Theatre are political refugees who make work, renowned for its physical theatrical style, that plays to courageous audiences in secret locations across Minsk and around the world. Having lived in democracies and a dictatorship, this show is especially prescient.

Click here to Watch the Trailer.


Private Drama on the Orient Express

A Private Drama Event. Guests are immersed in a 1930's story-led adventure from the moment they arrive on the platform in Venice until the train pulls into Paris. Featuring an all-star cast on-board the world-famous Orient Express, this ultimate unforgettable experience unfolds around you.

For more information contact Private Drama Events.


I Draw Clouds

A magician's ideas escape from his notebook.

Reality starts to unravel around him.

Prepare yourself for bizarre, surreal, and unforgettable moments of mystery in this musical magical show by Neil Kelso.


Wherever Neil goes, strange and unexpected things happen.


Join in this shared experiment in wonder. Unleash your imagination and let go of reality as live music, immersive illusions, and curious twists and turns blur the lines between fact and fiction.

Click here to watch the Trailer on YouTube.


Virtual Reality TAROT

Step into a dynamic and immersive Virtual Reality world where expert Tarot interpreter Neil Kelso will tell stories that have never been told before, and answer any questions you have.


Expect the unexpected! Perhaps you would like to know more about ancient Tarot, or maybe you would like to ask questions about your past, present or future?

This event is a collaboration between and Berith & Brimstone. Together we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Virtual Reality. 

Click here to watch the Trailer on YouTube


The Nun

A priest and a novice arrive in Romania to investigate the death of a young nun. However, things take an ugly turn after they encounter a supernatural force.

This collaboration with Warner Brothers brings to life an iconic chapter in the Conjuring Universe franchise. 



Four of London's most iconic Cabaret artists joined forces to celebrate the Swedish pop phenomenon. Created in collaboration with Kiki Mellek, Neil Kelso, Pi The Mime, and Lilly SnatchDragon.


Invisible Me

Lots of children have invisible imaginary friends, but where do they come from? Where do they go?

This theatre show was developed in collaboration with House of Stray Cats, Puppets by Maya, and The Point Eastleigh. It playfully explores the role invisible friends have in our lives.


The Beguiling Hour

Take a decadent step back in time with The Beguiling Hour Cabaret, a dazzling display of uplifting entertainment inspired by the bygone era.

Brought to you by internationally renowned Burlesque artist, Miss Betsy Rose. One of the biggest names on the London scene and three times voted the UK’s number 1 figure in Burlesque, as well as co-producer of the critically acclaimed show, Gin House Burlesque.


The Beguiling Hour will whisk you away to the golden age with vintage art forms from days gone by. Celebrating splendour in all its forms through high-end elegant burlesque, divine dancers, vaudevillian speciality acts and marvellous live music! 


The Beguiling Hour currently a resident show at Crazy Coqs in London.


Dinner with the Devil

A devilishly magical evening with the ultimate unreliable narrator. First developed in collaboration with "The House of Q" for the legendary "Hello Darling" immersive house party, this show takes guests at a dinner party around the eccentric house with unexpected twists and turns throughout the night.

This show has been adapted to be presented in private homes for an intimate evening of mystery.


Magical Honey

Sanskruti Dance Company bring to life the story of Saraswati bringing the gifts of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning to young Maya... But first they must both overcome some rather challenging obstacles.

This magical new piece of dance for family audiences is a collaboration with the choreographer Krishna Zivraj-Nair, and is supported by Arts Council England and Akademi.


These Trees are Made of Blood

"And for our next act …

The Magical Military Junta …

Will make 30,000 people disappear before your very eyes.”

Step into Buenos Aires for this critically-acclaimed immersive theatrical experience, which pulls back the curtain on a secretive state, and shines the spotlight on a powerful act of resistance.


These Trees are Made of Blood is a political musical cabaret set in the heart of Argentina’s Dirty War.


Spectacular, arresting and totally unique, it follows one mother’s extraordinary quest to take on the authorities and find her ‘disappeared’ daughter.

Directed by Amy Draper

Music by Darren Clark

Produced by Theatre Bench, Southwark Playhouse, Arcola Theatre

"Neil Kelso can indeed make people disappear... and the show cleverly compares the smoke and mirrors of dictatorship to the illusions of hypnotists and magicians."  The Guardian


Caution: Safety Goggles Required

Television and Youtube Science Star Greg Foot presents a show in which he and Neil Kelso answer curious questions in the most explosive ways possible. 


Tarot, Theatre, and Other Rituals

The first card in a Tarot Deck: The Magician. Is he a trickster, a wizard, an illusionist, or something else entirely?

This immersive interactive show explores how stories and intuition shape our world. It has been presented at the UK Tarot Conference, Edinburgh International Magic Festival, and at corporate and private events.

"Professor Kelso hypnotises his audience with astonishing tricks and chilling mind games. His act leaves everybody glued to their seats as he makes his way around the room, singling out members of the audience and making them question what’s real." - BoredPanda



The House of Q present an immersive noir cabaret that unfolds around you in a shadowy hypnotic hotel. Everyone has secrets, but will you discover what is happening before it's too late?


MACBETH ... en français

For Voila Festival, Writer and Director Julien Balajas translated Shakespeare's classic into the language of Molière. This French-language production is a faithful translation, and was presented at The Cockpit Theatre, London. The roles of The Porter and The Doctor were played by Neil Kelso.

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