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Sounds Impossible

A Magic Show powered by Live Music

Music is the most powerful magic in the world. 


In this critically-acclaimed innovative magic show, you won't believe your eyes or ears as Magic Circle magician and competition-wining concert pianist Neil Kelso unravels the mysterious.

Everything is vibrations. Mind-reading, teleportation, Mozart, aliens, key-changes, quantum entanglement, poltergeists, and more are explored through live music.

Tickets are on sale now:

Thursday 4th & Friday 5th July 2024
Hoxton Hall (London)

130 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6SH



Audience Reviews from 



"A beautiful fringe hit! Sounds Impossible is one of the most creative shows on the fringe. Part magic show, part exploration into music, the hour flies by in a beautiful haze of wonder and delight. Neil is a wonderful performer. The magic is amazing, the music is beautiful, the performer is charming and kind. Go and see it!"

Leslie Holzmam:
"One of the best shows at Fringe. A mix of magic, music and fun facts to keep you enticed and entertained with wonder. Wish it was longer. Can’t wait to check out his website and learn more.about Neil and when to catch him again. Great showman."


Grace Miller:
"What a delight of a show! One of my favourite shows I've seen. Neil is so endearing and charming and the show is full of magic, music and really interesting facts. A really wonderful show, make sure you catch it!"

Ben and Fiona Coffrey:
"One of our highlights at Edfringe (and we saw a LOT of shows!) Really enjoyable and Neil Kelso is so engaging. It's a unique combination of music and magic and contains a trick that is one of the most extraordinary things we've ever seen at Edfringe - had us talking for hours in the bar afterwards. Perfect teatime entertainment. Highly recommended."


Reviews from Press and Critics 

The Herald:

"Definitely try to get seats for Sounds Impossible. Neil Kelso is a member of The Magic Circle and a remarkable pianist who explores outstanding magic thru the medium of all forms of music. One of the best shows to see in the final week."

Broadway Baby:

"An incredible stage presence"

Bored Panda:

"Astonishing tricks and chilling mind games."

On In London:

"He invariably has the crowd eating out of his hand."


"Hilariously Charismatic"


4th & 5th July 2024 - Hoxton Hall (London)

Hoxton Hall, 

130 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6SH


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