by Neil Kelso and Andrea Aste

"I am not omniscient, but I know a lot..." 


Oracolarium is a powerful and immersive Oracle deck which combines the power of Tarot, the connections of Lenormand, and comes to life and speaks to you via Augmented Reality.

The first of its kind, Neil Kelso created this innovative AR Oracle Deck with multimedia artist Andrea Aste. The project was originally launched on Kickstarter in January 2020 and will be available for public purchase via publishers Berith&Brimstone from September 2020.

"Oracolarium isn't just an astonishing deck of cards. It's an enigmatic multilayered experience, using virtual reality technology to enhance your readings with hidden visuals, music and narrative. Lift the lid on the triangular box and you'll open the door to an unexplored world of mystery and imagination. Look in the virtual mirror and you may well find the keys to yourself." - Chris Butler.

28 Tarot-Sized Cards
100 Page Booklet

Free Augmented Reality App
Language: English

Published by Berith&Brimstone: Click here for more Info

Questions About Magic

by Neil Kelso

This is a book for everyone with an interest in Magic in all its forms.

Magician Neil Kelso answers questions about magic, and deconstructs illusions, lies, biscuits, secrets, creative processes and much more.

What are magicians afraid of?  Is magic real?  How do you get an audience to like you?  How do illusions work?  How can you sleep at night knowing you've lied to the audience?

Explore the fascinating world of magic as your guide Neil Kelso takes you by the hand and leads you through a mysterious wonderland where the nothing is quite what it seems.

Soft Cover Book

Dimensions: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
114 Pages
ISBN: 9781714650262
Language: English

Available from Blurb: Click here to Purchase

The Darkest Corners

Ben Hart

by Neil Kelso

This is a textbook for magicians who perform close-up or stage shows.

It is a collection of routines and ideas that magician Ben Hart created for his performances close-up, on stage, and on television.  It is written by Hart's oldest friend in magic and close creative collaborator Neil Kelso, so this book provides a unique insight into the thinking behind the tricks.

Hard Cover Book

Dimensions: 8x8 in, 20x20cm

297 Pages

Language: English

Published by Vanishing Inc: Click here to Purchase

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