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I Draw Clouds

A Magic Show by Neil Kelso

A magician's ideas escape from his notebook.

Reality starts to unravel around him.

Prepare yourself for bizarre, surreal, and unforgettable moments of mystery in this musical magical show by Neil Kelso.


Wherever Neil goes, strange and unexpected things happen. Join in this shared experiment in wonder. Unleash your imagination and let go of reality as live music, immersive illusions, and curious twists and turns blur the lines between fact and fiction.

"An incredible stage presence." Broadway Baby

"Astonishing! One of Britain's Ten Best Cabaret Stars." Bored Panda

"He invariably has the crowd eating out of his hand" On In London

"Hilariously charismatic" Loverboy Magazine


16 Oct 2019 at 6.30pm - The Broadgate Theatre at Theatre Deli
25 Feb 2019 at 7.30pm - The Nursery Theatre at Theatre Deli

23 Nov 2018 at 7pm - The London Improv Theatre

21 Nov 2018 at 7pm - The Nursery Theatre at Theatre Deli

21 Nov 2018 at 9pm - The Nursery Theatre at Theatre Deli

17 Nov 2018 at 7pm - The London Improv Theatre

Neil Kelso's theatrical performances are currently paused due to the global pandemic, but "I Draw Clouds" is planning to launch at festivals, theatres and cabarets just as soon as it's safe for us all to be together again. If you would like to be notified when future performances are announced, please contact us.

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