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The Magician

A Theatrical Show about Tarot by Neil Kelso

What's on the cards?

Can 78 pieces of paper with curious imagery really reveal the future?

What if it's all true?

What would you like to know?

The Magician is the first card of the Tarot - Card Number One. So in a way, that's where it all begins... 

Tarot expert and real-life magician Neil Kelso is inviting you on a guided tour of the curious world of divination - this magical musical show is illustrated with live demonstrations and readings. The true history of Tarot is stranger than fiction, so prepare yourself for things to not be quite what they seem.

At the start of this show, the cards are shuffled, and then they will tell their story.... and maybe yours too, along the way. This show is never the same twice.


Duration: 55 minutes

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I Draw Clouds

A Magic Show by Neil Kelso

A magician's ideas escape from his notebook.

Reality starts to unravel around him.

Prepare yourself for bizarre, surreal, and unforgettable moments of mystery in this musical magical show by Neil Kelso.


Wherever Neil goes, strange and unexpected things happen.

"An incredible stage presence." Broadway Baby

"He invariably has the crowd eating out of his hand"  On In London

"Hilariously charismatic" Loverboy Magazine

Duration: Act1: 50min  -  Act2: 45min

Language: English or French

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The House of Q: Grand Cabaret

by Alexander Luttley, Neil Kelso and Felicity Furore

A sizzling night of decadent cabaret. The House of Q's Grand Cabaret features a multi-talented cast of variety artistes presenting circus, drag, comedy, burlesque, magic, music and so much more.

'An extraordinary night of cabaret.' Access London

'A grand night out'  Theatre Full Stop

The House of Q perform regular shows in London and Internationally in theatres, cabarets, festivals, and private events.


For more information please visit The House of Q Website.

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These Trees Are Made of Blood

By Amy Draper, Darren Clark, and Paul Jenkins

Illusion Design by Neil Kelso

And for our next act …
The Magical Military Junta …
Will make 30,000 people disappear before your very eyes.

Step into Buenos Aires for this immersive theatrical experience, which pulls back the curtain on a secretive state, and shines the spotlight on a powerful act of resistance.

"Spectacular, arresting and totally unique” - Visit London

These Trees are Made of Blood is a political musical cabaret set in the heart of Argentina’s Dirty War.

These Trees Are Made of Blood explores one mothers search for the truth about her disappeared daughter during and after Argentina's Dirty War. La Guerra Sucia was a period of state sponsored terror that resulted in the torture, murder and disappearance of an estimated 30,000 Argentine civilians.

“An incredibly rewarding experience. The ambience quickly takes on a much more sinister tone, as the MC becomes more menacing and a coup (de theatre) shatters the complacent mood. Things are suddenly very personal. The superb effort of the cast in telling such a harrowing story was rewarded, on the night of our visit, by a standing ovation and quite a few damp eyes. Theatre doesn't get much more immersive than that.” The Londonist 

“Neil Kelso can indeed make people disappear… the show cleverly compares the smoke and mirrors of dictatorship to the illusions of hypnotists and magicians. Heartfelt… a musically rousing evening with a class band - and never loses sight of how important it is to be alert to the trickery of politicians.” - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


These Trees Are Made of Blood has now been seen at two of London's leading off-west-end theatres. The original production was seen at Southwark Playhouse in 2015, and a revised version was seen in 2017 at the Arcola Theatre. The show brings together the exceptional talents of cabaret performers, musicians and actors to create a profoundly unique experience for the audience.

Neil Kelso designed and performed unique illusions for the show, and originated the character of Lieutenant Suarez. 

You can listen to the original cast recording (featuring Neil Kelso on Piano and Vocals on several tracks) here:

These Trees Are Made of Blood on Spotify

These Trees Are Made of Blood on SoundCloud

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Professor Kelso's Introduction to Palmistry

Uncovering the ancient art of palm-reading

An hour-long tumble down the extraordinary rabbit hole that has been sitting in your palm all along. During the course of the show Professor Kelso reads minds, incredible stories are shared and the entire audience learn to read their own palms. What will you discover?

The Cartomancer

Unriddling the esoteric mysteries of Tarot

Spend an evening in the company of Professor Kelso and his fortune-telling cards. For centuries people have consulted the Tarot for answers and inspiration. Professor Kelso unearths the dark and curious origins of Tarot, and demonstrates its strange ability to answer any question and open windows into the past, present and future. What would you like to know?

“Kelso hypnotises his audience with astonishing tricks and chilling mind games. Kelso's act leaves everybody glued to their seats as he makes his way around the room, singling out members of the audience and making them question what's real. One of Britain's Ten Best Cabaret Stars.” Bored Panda

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The House of Q: Silhouettes

An Immersive Film Noir Mystery

Something awful has happened at the Hotel, but what exactly, and when? The audience need to figure it all out. Clues are hidden everywhere, from the newspaper you find in the foyer, to the sounds you can hear in the room on the third floor. The interaction you catch in the elevator might give it all away, or maybe it's a red herring...


What happened?
Who did it?
And will you escape the mysterious and alluring Silhouettes Hotel?


As the audience go about trying to discover the hidden secrets, a cast of Cabaret, Circus and Variety Artistes play the hotel staff and one or two very important guests. Do you follow one of them for the evening, or will you go on your own exploration and come across them by accident? 


Catch a starlet in her boudoir, a bellhop and a maid who are up to no good, a porter mixing up strange drinks in the hotel bar, as The House of Q and friends present cabaret, magic, clown, burlesque and more all around you!

For more information please visit The House of Q's Website.

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Caution: Safety Goggles Required!

The Greg Foot Live Science UK Tour

Fresh from Blue Peter and BBC’s Factomania join Science Guy Greg Foot for a show of curious questions and explosive answers.


With over 8 million views on YouTube, Greg will stop at nothing to answer YOUR questions LIVE, even if he has to use a giant flame thrower, make a rainbow indoors or launch a space rocket!

Greg Foot took his explosive live demonstrations on tour all over the UK to thousands of children & adults. Using big demos on stage Greg uncovered how fat you have to be to stop a bullet, why your fingers go wrinkly in the bath, and what explosions in space really look like. Accompanied throughout by the comedic and musical talents of compere-slash-lab-assistant Neil Kelso, the show answers your most curious questions with often explosive answers. 

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An Audience with Neil Kelso

An evening of classical magic and comedy music

Join Neil Kelso for an intimate evening at the piano as he tells his favourite stories, performs his favourite magical illusions, and shares a secret or two from his travels around the world.


A one-man variety show that follows Neil Kelso's unusual life around the world meeting his mentors. An unfortunate cardsharp in Paris, a mystic in Berlin, a gentleman juggler in India, a Russian sharp-shooter, and an iconic Vegas virtuoso, Neil has made some unlikely friends over the years, and their curious stories are waiting to be told.

"His masterful performance and spot-on timing reduced the capacity audience to tears of hysterical laughter" - The Hampshire Chronicle

"His Act is Superb." - Southern Daily Echo


"Neil Kelso displayed considerable skill and performed several beautiful tricks but his mastery was in leading the audience deeper into the magic and the mystery until we were fully immersed and grinning ear to ear. He has an incredible stage presence, something like a cross between a bumbling Disney narrator and a Tim Burton character, giggling and shrugging and slurring throughout... with beautiful storytelling to take the audience back to a place most of us have not visited since we were six or seven. The show is wondrous. Five stars." - Broadway Baby

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