Neil Kelso is an internationally recognised Tarot expert with 18 years experience reading Tarot for private clients and corporate events around the world.


He is frequently booked as a keynote speaker to talk about his Tarot and Magic work at events. Past engagements include lecturing at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, The UK Tarot Conference, The World Divination Association, Tarot Verband, Jermay's Talking Tarot, The Sacred Tarot YouTube Channel, Tarot Association of the British Isles as well as providing Esoteric services for blue-chip corporations including Amazon, KPMG, Accenture, and HSBC, and Arts/Cultural organisations including Wild Rumpus, and The Old Vic. Neil has written about Tarot for publications including The Esotoracle Magazine, Mind Body Spirit Magazine, and The Magic Circular.

Neil Kelso is passionate about sharing Tarot and using it as a tool to open our minds, to kickstart our creativity, and to empower us to enrich our lives.

As well as private one-to-one Tarot readings and tuition, Neil Kelso collaborated with Just So Festival and The Vaults Festival to create a Tarot theatre show for family audiences that explores intuition, imagination, and the hidden world of the esoteric and occult. As co-founder of esoteric laboratory Berith and Brimstone he creates magical collaborations and explorations - including the innovative Oracolarium Deck, which comes to life through Augmented Reality. 

Learn Tarot from Neil Kelso

If you would like to learn to read Tarot or if you would like to take your creative intuitive practice to the next level, you may wish to consider joining Berith & Brimstone's Patreon, where there are lots of video resources for Tarot students from beginner to expert, and there are also regular online live events and many more tools and tips.


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Book Tarot Readings with Neil Kelso

Neil Kelso uses Tarot as a tool for inspiration, insight and empowerment. During a reading, Neil uses the cards to provide you with new ways to see your past, present and future.


The process opens up new pathways for you to explore, and shows you new ways to visualise your dreams and to take the steps towards turning them into reality. Neil Kelso's readings do not involve mediumship, and all readings are conducted in an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment where all people are welcome.

Option 1: Personal Video Tarot Reading by Email

A Video Reading by Email is a 35 minute video in which Neil Kelso reads the Tarot for you. You can choose in advance whether to receive a Big Picture Tarot overview of all areas of life for you to reflect upon, or you can choose to ask one or more specific questions about things that are currently on your mind.


When you purchase a Personal Video Reading, you will be sent a link to a webpage where you can choose the kind of reading you'd like to receive, and you will have the opportunity to add any specific questions you'd like answered.

Within 14 days, you will receive an email with the link to watch your Personal Video Reading. The video is hosted in a private location where you can watch the reading online, and you will also be able to download the video file onto your computer to keep, should you so wish.

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Personal Video Reading by Email

35 Minute Video (not live)


Option 2: Schedule a Live (online) Personal Tarot Reading

A Live Personal Tarot is a 70 minute video call (via Zoom) with Neil Kelso. You can choose whether we begin with a Big Picture overview across lots of areas, and then go into more specific questions, or whether you prefer to begin with a burning question and go from there.

To schedule a Live Personal Tarot Reading, send us an email and we will arrange a mutually convenient time for your Reading.

Once the date and time is agreed, you will be emailed a link to pay for your Reading via PayPal, and you will receive a private invitation via Zoom. 

You can choose whether you would like the reading recorded for you to watch again later. If so, within 48 hours you will be sent a link to watch and download your video file.

Members of Berith & Brimstone's Patreon benefit from a 10% discount on all Live Personal Tarot Readings.

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Live Personal Tarot Reading with Neil Kelso

70 Minute Session (live on Zoom)

£165 Full Price / £148.50 For Berith&Brimstone Patreon Members 

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Option 3: Group Readings, Events, Collaborations, and Special Requests

From corporate events to psychic dinner parties and boardrooms to festivals, people love the magical experience of a personal Tarot reading.


To book dynamic, inclusive, empowering and inspiring Tarot to make your next event special, get in touch. 

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