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WDA Virtual Event 2021

Powerful Illusions
by Neil Kelso

Here are some links to some wonderful references:

The True/False ambigram I talked about was created by the brilliant John Langdon. You can visit his website to see more of his work here:

To explore more into the world of impossible object illusions, I recommend checking out Kokichi SUGIHARA's work. You can visit his website here:

For more paintings that will warp your mind and delight you endlessly, visit the world of Patrick Hughes:

I mentioned creating a spread to explore the unknown: a ladder of conscious mastery of information. In my spread I drew four cards:

1) Unconscious Misunderstood: things I don't know that I don't know. My blindspots.

2) Conscious Misunderstood: things I'm aware are weaknesses. Opportunities to learn.

3) Conscious Understood: things I'm mastering and which I know well. Expertise.

4) Unconscious Understood: things I know deep in my gut. Intuition.

You can learn more about this kind of model when applied to competencies here:

Because I was using Oracolarium, I was able to read connecting Objects. You can purchase Oracolarium here:

For an investigation into the nature of reality, and how we perceive it, Donald Hoffman is doing fascinating things. His Ted Talk is wonderful:

I have explored the applications of some of my theatre work to Tarot in The Lantern Collection: Working with Tarot book. It is available now from the Oracolarium website, and from Amazon. If you're only buying the book, Amazon can usually offer cheaper shipment. If you're buying our decks too, the cheapest way is via our website. You can read what the experts have been saying about it by visiting the Oracolarium page:

If you enjoyed my presentation and would like to take part in our ongoing conversation about Esoteric Innovation in the context of Divination, Tarot, Fine Art Prints, and more, the home for that is Berith & Brimstone. In collaboration with the visionary artist Andrea Aste, I co-founded Berith and Brimstone as a laboratory and hub for interesting collaborations around esoterica and the occult. It started on Kickstarter, and now our community live in Patreon. There is where we share collaborative work, and there's a huge archive of videos and masterclasses on Tarot, Oracolarium and more. We'd love for you to join us. Find out more by visiting:

If you can afford to, please consider buying something from our shop for yourself, or for a friend. Or please just spread the word about our work - word of mouth is always the best way to connect with like-minded people!


First up, a huge THANK YOU for attending my talk!

It's such a thrill to be part of such a magical programme of talks at the World Divination Association Virtual Event 2021.

I'm hoping that you're visiting this page because you enjoyed my talk! If so, thank you - below you will find lots of links to ideas I toutched-upon during our time together.

I hope these resources provide as much inspiration and delight to you as they have for me!

Below you'll also find the signup box if you'd like to join my (appriximately quarterly) email newsletter where I share news about things like shows, R&D sharings, upcoming events etc.

I'd also be delighted to connect with you on social media, so come and say hello!

Kindest wishes to you, and have a most magical day!


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