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Thank you for booking a Personal Tarot Reading (via Email) with me.

On this page I will tell you a few little important things about what to expect from your Tarot Reading experience, and there is space below for you to let me know anything you'd like me to zoom-in on during the reading.

1. It's a Video! The first thing to know is that the Tarot Reading will be recorded on video, and then sent to you. So I will be working intuitively with just myself, the cards, and any information you choose to send me in advance. 

2. Your Wellbeing is The Most Important Thing. Unlike in a live reading where we are together, during a video reading I am not able to check in with you directly before, during, and after the reading. A reading can explore all areas of our lives, and it's possible that it might venture through areas that are connected to unpleasant experiences. So I strongly recommend that you prioritise your own self care, and that you only start watching when you're feeling present and ready to receive some new ideas. This might mean sitting yourself down in a comfortable calm private space, putting your phone and notifications on an "emergencies only" setting, perhaps making yourself a nice cup of tea, etc etc...  so that any stresses or unnecessary distractions have been put aside for a moment. Don't forget that you can pause the video at any time and come back to it - take things at a pace that's manageable - that way you'll get best value from the experience. We don't want to try to boil the ocean, we're here to explore some manageable empowering next steps for you.

3. Though I'm far away, we're doing this together. Unlike a live reading where we could explore your intuition as well as my intuition together, the video reading will only capture *my* intuition, so when you watch the video, you might like to pause it frequently, and have a pencil and paper nearby so you can capture any thoughts and inspiration that leap out at you during the reading. It's very likely that you will see connections in the reading that are meaningful to you. Write them down and reflect upon them alongside anything and everything I talk about!

4. Tarot is sometimes a rollercoaster. Sometimes the Tarot likes to be provocative, and might have some startling images or shocking ideas. We all find cards like the Death card or The Devil to be quite unsettling at times, but that's a good thing! These are not necessarily forecasts or predictions, nor are they necessarily direct instructions for something you should or shouldn't do - they are provocations designed to challenge our assumptions. Tarot sometimes shows us a lie so we can realise the truth. Throughout the process, I always do my best to signpost any upcoming twists and turns, and to share the messages with compassion so it's a nice smooth journey, but be warned there may be a little turbulence along the way! 

5. You can choose the questions we answer, or you can let the cards decide for us! In the form below, you can choose whether you'd like a "Big Picture Reading" (which will touch upon lots of areas of life), or whether you'd like the reading to zoom-in on specific area(s) / question(s). You're welcome to share as much or little information as you like in the form, and you can put multiple questions into the comments box if you like. Please phrase any special requests and questions as simply and clearly as you can, that way the answers will be clear too!

Finally for now - thank you for booking a Personal Tarot Reading with me. I am very grateful and humbled that all of my work comes from simple word-of-mouth, so it means a great deal to me that you have approached me for this reading. I shall honour your trust with the very best answers that my cards and I are able to give you. My reading for you comes directly to you from me with all my respect, kindness and good wishes. If at any stage you are unsure about anything, you can always reach out to me or my team via and we will be very happy to help.

Warmest regards, Neil Kelso

Tailor Your Tarot Reading
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