Rituals are Magic

We can shape our lives by the habits we form, but the actions we take and by the magic words that we utter.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

― Gandhi ―

Below you will find some simple but powerful rituals that you can try at home and which can be done with everyday items. 

The Infinite Phoenix

A ritual to set goals and manifest new abilities.

You will need:

- Two pieces of paper

- A pencil or pen

- Fire and a safe place to burn paper

Step One: Welcoming

On one of the pieces of paper, write down all the things you would like the cosmos to bring into your life. Be as specific as you like, and it can be big things or small things. After each one write "... is welcome in my life." You can do this in a column, or you can scatter them creatively around the page. Keep writing them until the page is completely full of good things you want more of in your world. 

Step Two: Offering

On the other side of the same piece of paper, write down all the things you can do to help make these dreams a reality. Could you improve some of your skills? Could you practice more gratitude or mindfulness? Be specific, and write it in the present as if it's something you're already doing. It might be as simple as research or asking someone for advice. If one one of your goals is to relax and read more, you might write: "I keep a paperback with me so I can read more in occasional quiet moments." Keep things actionable and positive and upbeat. This is all the things that are within your power to do. Keep writing until the page is completely covered in the things you can do to be ready to receive all the good things. Refer back to what your wrote in step one if you need inspiration!

Step Three: Acceptance

Re-read everything you have written on both sides. Speak it aloud if you can. Visualise the meanings of it all. Circle important words. Doodle and connect the ideas together. Once you have absorbed it all, close your eyes and visualise both sides of the page in your mind. Recall as much as you can, and what is written where.

Step Four: Releasing

Burn the page to ashes. Send it out into the cosmos. Do this in a safe well-ventilated place - perhaps and ash tray. Picture your words and drawings drifting up letter by letter in the smoke out into the universe.

Step Five: From the Ashes

Once the ashes have cooled, tip them onto a sheet of plain paper. You're about to get your fingers messy! Crumble the ashes into a fine powder and use it like chalk or charcoal to draw an infinity sign on the paper. Swirl your hand on the paper slowly and mindfully. Picture everything you wrote as you do it. This infinity sign represents the interconnected of what we would welcome into our lives, and what actions and habits you will be. Keep concentrating on all the things you wrote, and lose yourself in the flow drawing the shape. Breathe deeply and steadily. You will feel the magic in your fingertips.

Step Six: Breath of Life

Once you are happy that the flow has been truly captured in your drawing, blow away any remaining ash and dust outside picturing your wishes flying off into the cosmos.

Step Seven: Daily Meditation

Place your artwork in a place that you can visit daily for the next month. Keep the pencil beside it. As a daily ritual, visit this page and reflect on your wishes, and celebrate any good news that you have had, and reward yourself for the the good habits you have practiced, and give yourself kind gentle encouragement if theres more you can do. To summarise each days visit, use the pencil to add something to your artwork. It might be a single letter, or a doodle that captures the feeling that day, or anything that symbolises your feelings this day.


By adding something to this artwork each day for a month, you will have completed an entire lunar cycle. You will have mindfully channelled your energy towards your goals, and you will have exercised gratitude and self-compassion, and perhaps formed some new constructive habits.

Step Eight: A New Cycle Begins

At the end of the month, you could repeat this exercise, using this piece of art as your page to begin. This way the magic you have infused into this paper over the month will carry forwards into the following month, and the ash from this page will be drawn onto a new page, starting a new cycle, allowing you to access an upwards spiral of goal-setting and manifestation.

The Darkest Corners

Ben Hart

by Neil Kelso

This is a textbook for magicians who perform close-up or stage shows.

It is a collection of routines and ideas that magician Ben Hart created for his performances close-up, on stage, and on television.  It is written by Hart's oldest friend in magic and close creative collaborator Neil Kelso, so this book provides a unique insight into the thinking behind the tricks.

Hard Cover Book

Dimensions: 8x8 in, 20x20cm

297 Pages

Language: English

Published by Vanishing Inc: Click here to Purchase

© 2020 Neil Kelso. All Rights Reserved.

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